Looking To Buy An LED Billboard Truck?

Surround Sound & Screens

Each truck is equipped with audio and 3 large LED screens. 2 on the side and 1 on the back. Our screens are bright, clear and have the capabilities to be used for many different features such as Image or video advertisements, Live streams, Movies, and Game consoles.

Saving You Money

Rent advertising space or buy your own truck? Renting ad space usually costs $10K+ per month depending on many factors. By purchasing a truck from us you are not only saving on those costs but have the ability to only advertise your brand whenever you desire. Ask about our great prices.

Custom Options

We want to make sure you are satisfied with your LED billboard truck. This is why we custom build it just for you. We can create a truck to your desired specification & needs. Looking to build your brand and make additional revenue? Purchasing your own truck is the way to go.

15+ Years Of Experience

We are the pioneers of the industry and have maintained #1 status.

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Computer Systems

Your truck will come with a fully integrated computer system to make displaying ads simple and quick.

Building Your Brand

Owning your own truck will help with increasing your brands awareness and visibility around the city.

Highest Quality

We provide nothing but the highest quality and most up to date equipment for our clients when purchasing.

Ready To Purchase?

All vehicles come with warranty on both the truck and equipment. We stand by all our products. We use truck models that are easy to maintain and can be repaired anywhere in the country.

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Some FAQ

What Are The Trucks Made Of?

Our trucks are developed using aluminum framing and cabinets. We make sure only high end parts are used and through careful fabrication it looks perfect. We do not cut corners.

How Visible Are These Screens During The Day?

Our trucks are bright to say the least. We only use high quality products and parts meaning that during the day your screen images and videos can easily be seen.

How Versatile Are The Screens?

The truck comes with a high end video processor for HDMI input. This allows you to play any HDMI feed. You can showcase videos, TV or even gaming consoles.

What Are The Dimensions For A Standard?

The standard screen dimensions: Side screens: 6’-3” h x 11’-2” w and Rear screen: 6’-3” h x 6’-3” w. We are always ready to discuss your options with you.

Identical Nationwide Fleet

Esthetically, your truck will match all the trucks we have around the country. Meaning you are not limited to selling in your city alone. If you get a campaign in other cities, you can sell that city and have access to those trucks through our network.

Why Buy vs. Renting Ad Space?

Purchasing a truck is sometimes the most economical route to take. If you are looking to advertise monthly in high populated areas and events, this option might be better.

Some Clients We Have Advertised For

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