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3 Benefits of Using Billboard Trucks – What to Know

Billboards are one of the most effective ways to show your ads to as many people as possible. These towering ads can be visible from miles away, getting potential customers to view them 24/7. In slow-moving traffic, they are practically eye magnets, making it very effective in reinforcing your brand identity.

The Use of LED Billboards: Are They Effective?

One point of weakness is that they usually just display static images and are very limited in the amount of information they can convey. On the other hand, using LED billboards can overcome this hurdle, displaying full-blown video ads to captivate attention and convey as much information as needed. This capability makes it much more dynamic and eye-catching, significantly increasing ad-recall in the process.

The trouble with these, however, is that aside from being expensive, it is also non-moving. It’s generally effective only in their general area. This problem is solved by the use of billboard trucks, which are basically trucks outfitted with LEDs!  Unlike normal branded vehicles, specially-designed billboard trucks are effective day and night to attract attention and let people know about your products and services.

Here are three main benefits of adding billboard trucks for your business.

1. Allows For Targeting

Billboard trucks are exactly as its name sounds! Instead of the traditional static billboards that you see on the highway, billboard trucks move around targeted locations, gathering impressions where they matter most. If you have an idea of where the bulk of your customers are located, you can reinforce brand recognition by having your trucks circle that area at specific times of the day.

Conversely, you can also direct your trucks to frequent locations where your competitors are doing better than you. Doing so allows you to introduce your brand in places where demand for your services already exist but are being dominated by your competitors.

2. Takes Advantage of Free Real Estate

Your trucks are meant to transport people, products, and materials from one place to another. That’s completely fine; there is no need to stop at that! If you are planning to buy trucks for your daily operations, you can opt to get trucks that can be outfitted with LED billboards.

LED billboard trucks are great attention-hoggers and will generate buzz and impressions everywhere you are called for your services.

3. Increases Awareness At Lower Costs

Traditional billboards only really work in areas that see a lot of traffic, where drivers and passengers have time to absorb the information that they convey. Billboard companies know this, which is why these locations also command hefty prices. In contrast, billboard trucks are much cheaper to build, are not confined to a single area, and work just as well in slow-moving traffic!

The good thing is, as your business grows in scope, its simple to purchase even more billboard trucks to scale along with your operations.


People are always on the move and are very adept at tuning out information that they do not need. However, with a strategically-placed billboard truck displaying a well-produced and high-quality video ad, you should still be able to generate interest among your target customers. As your fleet of billboard trucks grows, so does your capacity to connect with more people, making billboard trucks a cost-effective way of growing your operation and marketing efforts at the same time.

Using LED Billboard trucks will help boost your brand by allowing your customers to see you during the day, at events, or while parked in highly-populated areas. We custom-build trucks to fit your specification and needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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