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4 Features of LED Advertising Trucks That Make Them Effective

The LED industry has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity mainly because of their energy efficiency. Along with this trend came the emergence of innovations incorporating this technology, one of them being LED advertising trucks.

Advertising through these so-called mobile billboards is a new type of medium which involves the integration of large LED display screens in vehicles. This kind of advertisement is typically used to promote a product, a brand, or an event.

If this is your first time coming across this kind of advertising, they are worth exploring as they can bring real results, especially when executed with the right strategy, route, and timing. In the sections below, you will find their characteristics which make them an effective and powerful advertising medium.

1. They’re New

We have traditional billboards. We also have print billboards on trucks and vehicles. However, mobile digital billboards on trucks are not that common. This form of advertising is relatively new, which makes them automatically more effective. People are naturally drawn to things they are seeing for the first time.

If you have been investing in advertisements on TV and in newspapers but aren’t seeing significant improvements, maybe it’s time to switch things up. Try something new. You can use LED advertising trucks to capture the attention of more people and, eventually, encourage the response you want to get from them.

2. They’re Extremely Changeable and Flexible

When planning your ads that will be placed on traditional billboards, you often have to select only one location. Furthermore, you have to make sure that that spot is the place where you can get seen by the people you want to reach.

Mobile advertising trucks turn this situation around. This method allows you to be anywhere your target audience is. Together with the billboard truck manufacturer, you can plan out the route you want the vehicle to drive through and at what time. You can change this route and schedule depending on your needs and the current happenings in your area or locality to get the best results.

3. They Are Eye-catching

Aside from new things, people are also attracted to colorful, moving objects—again, something that LED billboard trucks win at. No matter what side of the road they are parked at, they are sure to capture the attention of nearby motorists and pedestrians because of their visual elements. As long as your copy is short, sweet, and simple, they’ll certainly understand what you want to say; they may even remember you and your colorful truck advertisement all day!

4. They are Cost-efficient

Considering the number of people they can reach and tap, using mobile advertising trucks can be very cost-effective. You will be able to reach more people at more competitive costs using this method compared to investing in mainstream advertising such as TV and print ads.


LED advertising trucks can significantly increase your visibility in your area without breaking the bank. These allow you to be at all the places where your target audience is, whether they’re on their way to work or enjoying the weekend strolling around. More importantly, they let you change up your advertising strategy, route, and schedule whenever necessary to make sure to get the results you want.

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