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4 Reasons to Implement Mobile LED Billboards in Your Fleet

Have you ever wanted to advertise while driving in your truck? If so, you are in luck! Mobile billboards are widely available today, and with one, you can advertise no matter where you go. This means that as you drive around completing activities and carrying out services, you can simultaneously advertise to the people you drive by, bringing awareness to your business. Regardless of why you want to use a mobile LED billboard, there are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed from implementing it!

In this article, we will share four reasons your business should implement mobile billboards in your fleet:


They offer easy targeting features

Targeting with mobile billboards is extremely easy because you can drive around with certain ads to certain people wherever they are. This maximizes the effectiveness of your ad and boosts your exposure. For example, you can drive up to busy neighborhoods, traffic areas, and other places packed with people to advertise to them. Similarly, depending on the location and time of day, you can also control what ad you will display to make it as relevant as possible to the viewers.


They easily steal the attention of your viewers 

Today, people skip ads in many ways, from clicking the “skip” button on a video or switching off the radio when an ad pops up. With our mobile LED billboards, the only way people will ever “skip” your ad is to not look at it. However, this is quite impossible because their eyes are drawn to motion and bright colors. Plus, it is right there for people to see, so they cannot miss it. For you, this means more exposure of your brand to others, and more often than not, if your ad is bright and flashy, people will remember it better!


They effectively reach a larger market

Unlike static billboards, where the only time it gets seen is when people drive past it, mobile LED billboards can move to where the people are found. This is a big advantage because you can ensure that someone will see your ad throughout the day, leading to more exposure and fewer people missing it. Plus, if you drive around many places, you will reach even more people!


They allow tracking and controlling

With the power of GPS, you can track your truck’s whereabouts even if you are not driving it. This enables you to understand the routes it is going through, allowing you to research what type of audiences you expose your brand to in different areas. With this information, you can plan out what ads will be displayed. For instance, you may have a specific ad for folks who live in the city, and a different ad for those living further away. In other words, you gain the versatility of displaying certain ads to certain people, and with GPS, you know where and when to do so.



Mobile billboards are an innovative solution for you to advertise while on the go. It is attention-stealing, trackable, controllable, and, best of all, it is cost-effective. If you have a fleet of vehicles at your disposal, consider implementing mobile billboards on your trucks. In doing so, you advertise to people while carrying out your business.

Mobile LED Billboards is the top manufacturer of LED billboard trucks, offering LED trucks for rent to help businesses advertise and grow on the move. Get in touch with us today if you are interested in buying or renting LED billboard trucks in the US!

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