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5 Reasons That Make Mobile Billboards Better Than Bus Wraps

Transit advertising is a popular way to display your marketing message in a specific area. It lets advertisers use various modes of transportation, such as public buses, trolleys, taxis, subway cars, and even trucks, for ad placement. These are cost-effective, but they do have limitations.

On the other hand, mobile billboards are an alternative you can consider that could bring your brand more benefits and results. Here are six reasons that make mobile billboard ads a more efficient advertisement platform in comparison:

Helps you stand out

Almost all buses you see in the city are wrapped with all kinds of advertisements. Couple that with people’s generally short attention spans, and it becomes clear that consumers are highly desensitized nowadays. Essentially, you need to do more to capture their attention.

If you want your announcement to stand out from the crowd, opt for a digital advertisement. It is an ad that is not as commonly seen, making it more noticeable. Moreover, mobile billboards are exclusive to their advertisers. Unlike bus wraps, you won’t have to share ad space with other brands or advertisers. They are also larger and move slower, ensuring that viewers can clearly see the message you are trying to convey.

You are in control

If you choose bus wraps, you have no control over the number of buses that will carry your ads. You also have no say on their route or what other brands would be next to your ad placement.

On the other hand, you have more control over how a mobile billboard functions, depending on your budget. Since mobile billboards are private vehicles, you can specify their routes and the number of times you want them to make rounds within an area. You can even ask your trucks to line up to catch more attention. That’s called mobile billboard domination and is one advantage that buses would not be able to do.

Have better targeting

One more advantage of having control over your route is your ability to reach your target audience. Buses follow a specific route every day, and that could also mean that they are targeting the same people each day. If you have a vehicle solely for your advertisements, you can choose specific locations to place them.

Find where your target people usually are and place your ads there. You can also target a particular demographic or event since your mobile billboard can drive anywhere.

Add spectacles

Here is another thing that buses cannot do: add spectacles. If you want to make your ads three dimensional and feature lights, sounds, special effects, and even smoke, mobile billboards give you that option. You can experiment and pretty much add any effect or treatment you want.

Beacon: The high-technology feature

Because mobile billboards are technologically powered, you can pair them with an app. Beacons can send signals to other electronic devices, such as mobile phones, within the area. The signal will then automatically push out branded messages to people with a smart device nearby. That serves as double exposure to all people within range.


Bus advertising or truck side wraps can be effective and cost-friendly forms of advertisement, but it lacks some capabilities that only mobile billboards can do. If you need to grab people’s and specific markets’ attention, choosing the more high-tech format can go a long way. Mobile billboards can benefit your brand in many ways that traditional advertising can’t.

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