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5 Reasons Why You Must Use LED Billboard Trucks in Advertising

Advertising today is vastly different from how it was just a couple of decades ago. Customers are used to instant gratification—they have shorter attention spans and an abundance of choice.

If a show is not delivering what it promised, we can click to the next channel. We could send a chat message to a friend now and expect a reply after a few seconds. Trying to get people to consider your brand in this environment is becoming increasingly challenging.

You can attract people to your brand by keeping the element of surprise and having an ad on a digital billboard truck will do that. Here are a few ways a digital billboard gets audiences to look twice at your brand and create awareness for your company.

It helps people know your brand more

Recall is one of the essential elements of advertising, and the more you expose your brand name, the more people will want to check you out. Advertising on the side of a truck will get your message to more people than would a static sidewalk poster.

It is tough to ignore a moving, 15-foot display featuring a colorful ad. If your truck makes several drives through areas where you find your target market, you will undoubtedly convert at a higher rate.

It helps you expand your options

Mobile billboards do not just display static ads these days. Technological advancements have enabled companies to offer LED advertising trucks. These types of mobile advertising spaces can feature images, gifs, and even videos.

Mobile LED advertisements allow you to promote your brand better. Since you can choose to show a video, you can create ads that present more about your company than you could in a single picture.

It transitions people smoothly into retail

Digital ads, as with most other types of publicity, work best at the moment when your prospective customer is making a decision. An advertisement is most useful when your audience is half-convinced to try out your service or product.

Get your target market to see your mobile digital billboard outside a store they frequent or driving around an area with shops that carry your brand. They will be more likely to complete a purchase.

You control when and where ads appear

With a digital truck, you have greater control over the location where your ads get displayed. You can also assign the number of hours you want to drive a route and which areas the truck will go through.

A brand with extensive research on their audiences’ age, demographic, and location can leverage this information and create a highly engaging experience.

It provides a return on investment

Digital mobile billboards are a cost-effective way for your brand to promote your products and services. In contrast to ad spots on TV and radio, a digital billboard is an affordable choice for SMEs.

Furthermore, you cannot swipe a digital billboard away, and you cannot click on a button for you to end it. A digital billboard commands attention in the real world.


Digital mobile ads give you the best of both worlds. They use multimedia but combine it with a physical delivery system. A digital billboard gets people interested, and your brand does not need to compete with ten other tabs and banners as you do.

To succeed in advertising today, you need something different and effective. We bring you both through mobile digital billboards. Our fleet of over 50 trucks serves key cities nationwide, including Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and more, making us the #1 in the industry today. Contact us today to get started!

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