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5 Ways to Have an Effective Billboard Advertising

The use of billboards in advertising has become common in recent years, as it’s easy to see them installed in public places, commercial establishments, or even in huge vehicles. While digital advertising has only recently become all the rage, you must never underestimate how advertising copies with strong messaging can instantly grab your audience’s attention, stir their interests, and compel them to patronize your brand. However, you must first do homework to make it work for your business.

In this article, we’ve rounded up five ways to turn your billboards into an effective form of advertising:


  1. Have concise messaging

Billboards are colossal for people not to see them in public, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that people will take time to read their content. The chances are that they are on their way to work, running errands, or commuting. For this reason, you have to keep your billboards’ content short, simple, and sweet. Your ultimate goal is to ensure that people will quickly absorb the message and have it ingrained in their minds. Most importantly, you want to ensure that the concise messaging resonates with them.


  1. Have striking visual elements

Before people absorb the message, they are first usually drawn to the visual aspects of your billboards. The more appealing they are, the more people will look at them. From there, they’ll read your message and decide whether or not they’ll take further actions by checking your website, contacting your business, or buying your products. With that, be sure that the visual elements are compelling and not distracting—from the layout to the placements down to the color and typography.


  1. Show and don’t just tell

Keep in mind that billboards aren’t newsletters, flyers, or brochures meant to be read and absorbed. They are not even blog posts, infographics, or videos filled with valuable pieces of information. As they aim to catch people’s attention and convey a message within a few seconds, you will want to show them what they need to see. A striking visual can make a difference in grabbing people’s attention and transmitting your message. 

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  1. Be creative but smart

Of course, you have to be creative with your billboards. Think of what colors look good, what particular layout works for outdoor advertising, what subjects are eye-catching, and what visual elements are appealing. However, you have to be clever and strategic with each element. Every little aspect of your billboard must be well-thought-of and decided as they all contribute to your overall advertising success.


  1. Don’t forget your branding

No matter what, you must not forget to incorporate your brand into your billboard advertising. Whether you’re selling a product, promoting a service, or making an announcement, you must use and integrate certain elements representing your business. That way, people will instantly recognize and remember your brand, which can go a long way for your business!



Amid the digital marketing campaigns of the modern era, billboard advertising is still a worthy investment. However, you have to consider the valuable tips discussed above, as the last thing you’ll ever want to happen is waste your time, money, and effort in displaying billboards that don’t resonate with your target audience. Ultimately, the best way is to opt for mobile advertising solutions to give your business the edge over your competitors!

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