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Advantages of Using a Mobile Billboard for Your Business

Decision-making is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. Any decision can make or break your business, and you will have to make many on any given day. The same applies when it comes to advertising. You have many options at your disposal, but one method has proven effective for many businesses―mobile billboard advertising. This article will tell you the many reasons it is a worthwhile advertising investment.

Mobile billboard advertising is pretty straightforward. It is the method of putting your billboard on a moving vehicle for broader reach. According to a study commissioned by the Outdoor Association of America, this method gives you great visibility, as 91 percent of audiences notice the text and graphics on a truck advertisement, for instance. One market research also said that mobile advertising trucks have a 97 percent recall rate. 

What else can a mobile LED billboard do for your business? Here are some of its many advantages:


1: Specific Targeting

In essence, roving billboards are used to target a large group of people, but it does not mean that you cannot be specific when setting your audience. Since you have more control over the areas you can bring your roving billboard to and what route to take, you can design a strategy to hone in your target people. You can drive your vehicle around a specific neighborhood or park it near a certain event or high-traffic area. 


2: Flexibility

Every brand’s needs are different, and a mobile billboard can adjust and meet yours. Mobile billboards are not limited to advertising trucks. Roving billboard suppliers can provide you with any vehicle you need to create better brand awareness. If you want to go for a grassroots approach and the plan will require a small car, providers can give you access to small engine scooters or box-type trucks that can visit these areas. 


3: Professional Team

You do not have much to worry about working with a roving billboard. At Mobile LED Billboards, we work with a group of highly trained and skilled technicians to ensure that our billboards are intact and will not bring any harm to anyone. 


4: Technology and Innovation

Most billboard trucks are technology-powered. Besides creating a stronger impact, they also make the work faster and more convenient. Your ads can run on a loop on the screen through a USB portal or be downloaded directly from the internet. It speeds up the advertising process and makes it more efficient for the people involved in the project.


5: Cost-Effectiveness

A mobile billboard costs less than stationary billboards, TV commercials, radio commercials, and printed advertisements, yet it can give you a wide reach and more impactful brand recall. If you are spending money on your business’s advertising, make sure to put it to good use. Choose a cost-effective method that brings quality results.



If you are looking for a unique, direct, and effective way of communicating with audiences but want to target specific groups of people, consider trying mobile LED billboards. No one can block or mute a roving billboard. Unlike other advertising means, you have much better control over this advertisement mode, and your efforts will surely be impactful. 

Are you interested in setting up a mobile billboard for your business? Mobile LED Billboards is the most experienced roving advertisement supplier in the country. We have worked with various brands and companies for national coverage-level projects. We also have LED truck rentals to help you achieve your brand awareness goals. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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