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Different Mobile Billboards to Help Your Marketing Plan

There are so many strategies that can be used to market a product nowadays. So many innovations have been made to how marketing messages reach target customers. One of these strategies is the use of mobile billboards. As their name suggests, these are advertisements that are placed on the side of trucks, trailers, and other vehicles to spread the marketing message to a wider range of consumers. 

This type of marketing strategy has to be carefully planned and executed to yield the desired results. If it is done correctly, it can bring a lot of new customers to the company. This type of marketing does not come cheap either. This is why it pays to analyze how it is done first before diving into it yourself. 


Different Mobile Billboards to Help Your Marketing Plan


1 – Truckside Advertising

This type of mobile billboard advertising involves the use of a truck and having your advertisement stuck to one, two, or all three of the sides of the truck. These heavy vehicles are used to carry all sorts of cargo and freight from one point to another, and they can be used as a mobile marketing tool for your business. Depending on the time that the trucks navigate through their routes, you may need to use LED lights to increase the visibility of your marketing messages.


2 – Mobile Trailer Billboards

Trailer billboards refer to mobile signages that are hauled by heavy trailer trucks. You may opt to pay for one or both sides of the signage. Some brands choose to use these trucks on popular highways and roads to allow for maximum visibility by potential customers and clients. They can also be used at night and will be illuminated by LED lights.


3 – Digital Mobile Billboards

As the name suggests, these billboards will use an LED screen that can display animated marketing messages instead of using a vinyl banner on the vehicle. These billboards will usually show company infomercials that will help customers get to know the products and services better. 


Should You Get a Mobile Billboard?

Mobile billboards are a great way to get the word about your brand out there and get seen by potential customers that may be interested in your product or service. However, this type of marketing may be costly. This is why most of the time, only larger companies with bigger marketing budgets can afford to use mobile billboards.

If you aspire to grow your company, it is wise to start small. Work with the marketing budget you are able to afford and expand your company until you will be big enough to afford this type of marketing tactic. 



When it comes to marketing, even if you are just starting out your new business, it pays to dream big. Although you may feel that the use of mobile billboards may be too expensive for you at the current moment, there is no telling how quickly you can grow your business and be able to incorporate this into your marketing plan down the road.

The key is knowing how to reach your target audience and growing your business from there. As you gain more and more customers, you will be able to expand and realize larger and larger profits. Pretty soon, you will be able to afford to add mobile billboards to your business’s marketing plan.

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