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How to Optimize Out of Home Media – A Beginner’s Guide

2021 is starting with a great beginning, with the first quarter ensuring the release of mass vaccinations worldwide. This means that life outdoors isn’t too far off from reality, now that people can rest easier without the fear of COVID-19 on their backs. Safer outdoors also presents the opportunity for marketers to diversify their approach to connecting with consumers. Out-of-Home marketing is making a comeback soon, and you should prepare your business for it.


How to optimize out-of-home (OOH) media this 2021

Out-of-Home (OOH) media cast a wide net to attract a large audience with traditional and digital media. The more common examples of OOH advertising are billboards, but there are tons of other public ad placements that you can inject into your marketing strategy. However, misguided attempts to execute an OOH marketing strategy can be a considerably costly loss. This is why you must follow the right steps in conceptualizing and developing this idea.

In this article, we’ll share three essential steps you need to go through when executing an OOH media strategy.


Step#1: Define your campaign’s objective with measurable goals

It’s vital to establish your campaign’s objective with clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), regardless of what medium you’re using. A common goal for marketing campaigns is to increase brand awareness. Since you can achieve this in multiple ways to several target audiences, you must know the marketing channels that will integrate into your ad placements. For example, will your ads encourage onlookers to visit your site, call you on your phone, or download your app? You can then measure your campaign’s success by tracking the increase in activity through these channels. Having a realistic target number before executing your OOH advertising campaign will allow you to see your campaign’s success in specific figures.


Step#2: Target the right audience with the appropriate ad placements

A business caters to a specific target audience or a set of several customer profiles. This dictates who their products are for and what tone the company should use when engaging with their customers.

Unfortunately, OOH advertising isn’t as flexible as digital marketing efforts in terms of reach. Although the two can work together, you’ll have a much smaller audience. However, this gives you the advantage of targeting the right market through strategic placements in the right locations. Reestablishing your company’s consumer profile can give you some insights into what places and sites you should invest in. The better you know your consumer, the more chances you’ll have in meeting them halfway into your sales funnel.


Step#3: Find the right timing to execute your OOH advertising campaign

The start and end date of your advertising campaigns have a pivotal role in affecting consumer interest. The general run-length of OOH campaigns should be 8 to 12 months at least. This allows passers-by to see your ads for at least four weeks, allowing you to track any progress on your measurable data. Be patient when assessing results and prepare for weeks in advance if you have a specific deadline. Remember that OOH advertising is all about winning the marathon and not the sprint.



Establishments like airports, shopping malls, restaurants, and even mobile LED billboards are great ad spots for OOH. The start of 2021 is the best time to conceptualize your OOH media placements since most of these locations will loosen up restrictions to allow more people to access them. As the world continues to heal from COVID-19, more industries will want to regain customer trust and develop their brand visibility. This is why OOH advertising can be a strategic comeback for many business owners.

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