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What You Need to Know about Mobile Billboard Advertising

When advertising is mentioned, the first things that come to mind may be billboards, direct mailings, and ads in radio, television, magazines, and newspapers. However, there is another way to promote what you offer, potentially more effective than traditional advertising. This method is called mobile billboard advertising. To learn more about it and what makes it better than other advertising methods, read the information below.


What Is Mobile Billboard Advertising?

Mobile billboard advertising reaches customers and prospects outside of their homes through digital media. It uses mobile billboards that are typically mounted on trucks. These billboards are parked at specified locations or driven around particular business districts or localities, depending on the business’s target audience. Some mobile billboards are also displayed on boats and located mostly in beaches or marina areas.


What Are the Disadvantages of Traditional Advertising?

We now live in a digital world, which means you have to change how you connect with your target audience. To keep up with the trends, you need to transition from conventional advertising mediums to digital ones. Failing to utilize mobile billboard advertising in today’s digitally driven world means getting undesirable results. Here are some disadvantages of traditional advertising that you should be aware of:



  • Stationary billboards


Traditional billboards are proven and tested in their effectiveness, but their benefits have limitations. Here are some of their drawbacks:


  • Brief exposure
  • No selective market targeting
  • Time insensitive
  • Risk of damage due to vandalism or weather
  • Visibility issues



  • Newspapers or magazines


Promoting your business through newspapers, magazines, or other types of print media boosts your credibility and helps you build a favorable reputation. But since technology is ever-evolving and almost everything is going digital, here are some disadvantages that you may encounter when using this advertising method:


  • No selective market targeting
  • A decline in advertising revenue 
  • Decrease in exposure due to limited print circulation 



  • Radio


Radio advertising is cost-effective and allows you to build your brand and captivate your audience effectively. While it offers many benefits, here are some of its downsides:


  • Lack of visuals
  • Relies on frequency and is offered in 30-second or 60-second spots, which can be costly
  • No product demonstration
  • Listeners are likely to switch to another radio station during commercials 
  • Decline in exposure because younger target audiences opt for streaming services


What Makes Mobile Billboard Advertising Better Than Traditional Advertising?

Mobile billboard advertising is more effective than traditional advertising because it offers a short lead time and an exceptional return on investment. It is also ideal for short-term events. Here are some benefits of using mobile digital billboards or digital LED trucks:


  • More cost-effective
  • Focuses on visual aids
  • Lets you show product demos
  • Has short turnaround time
  • Gives you more control over your campaign
  • Selective target marketing



Traditional advertising is effective, but to address your customers’ needs and demands more effectively, you must consider transitioning to digital methods, like putting up mobile billboards. With the right digital marketing agency, you can achieve desired results for your mobile billboard advertising campaign.

Boost your sales today by taking advantage of mobile advertising trucks. We are MVS Media Group, and we take pride in growing your business through the visual appeal, sounds, and vibrant colors of our mobile LED billboards. Contact us today to get started in running your advertising campaign!

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